Teaching yoga full time since 2000, Christy has studied in India with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga yoga) and S.N. Goenka (Vipassana meditation) and in the U.S. with Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, T.K.V. Desikachar and H.H. the Dalai Lama.


Emphasizing mindfulness, breath and alignment while drawing on Buddhism, Taoism, "sacred ecology" and other wisdom traditions, Christy weaves a creatively flowing, invigorating yet calming, centering yet expanding exploration of Self through Asana—dedicated to the highest wellbeing of the Earth and all beings.


During the current shelter in place situation, Christy is offering weekly live-stream Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes (see "Weekly Schedule" page for details). Normally she co-leads yoga and Zen retreats at Tassajara Zen Center in the Ventana Wilderness twice annually for the opening and closing weekends of their guest season and leads Yin Yoga and 200-hour teacher trainings in Marin County and San Francisco. She also enjoys collaborating with music artists and teaches at Om Rising Yoga Festival in Northern California. Please see the "Upcoming" page for additional offerings.


All Christy’s offerings qualify for Continuing Ed units for yoga teachers certified with Yoga Alliance.

Christy recently completed a book entitled Yin Yoga & The Art of Letting Go which includes an introduction to Yin Yoga's three related lineages—the Indian yogic, Chinese Taoist and Buddhist traditions. The book also includes photos of the principle Yin Yoga asanas (poses), their variations, and how to use props to support differing levels of flexibility. (Learn more about the book or purchase a pre-publish copy here.)

Christy has volunteered time to guest teach with Prison Yoga Project at Quentin Prison; has a background in cultural and language studies with U.C. Santa Barbara and Harvard University; spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia working with indigenous basket weavers; and has been living in tiny houses since she began teaching yoga. Currently she lives off-grid in a tiny house and drives an electric car that charges mostly off solar power.


Christy's deepest hope is that through individually and collectively practicing wise view, wise intention, wise thought, wise speech, wise action, wise livelihood, wise effort and wise mindfulness, we may consider the impact of our every action on the next seven generations and beyond as we co-create an enlightened global collective consciousness.

“I have complete confidence in Christy's sensitive and skillful ability to teach teachers the nourishing practice of Yin Yoga." 

           —SARAH POWERS, 

               author of INSIGHT YOGA


"Christy is truly an amazing instructor who mixes in all types of yoga-related techniques to suit one's individual needs."

         —GLENN MURPHY,

            (former) CEO of Gap Inc. 

"Christy creates a consistent yoga experience with her calm, abiding presence, a voice that opens one's heart space, and a precise way of communicating the various asanas.  She allows students to move deeply inward while helping them to build core strength and explore their edge.  She's the real deal—caring and compassionate, magical and wise.  She will often share teachings through quotes and poems, setting the mood of the room with candlelight and her gentle healing adjustments."  

          —KAREN BENKE,

              author of RIP THE PAGE!