Photos by Christy Brown


April 23-24, May 7-8, May 21-22

Saturday & Sunday 12-4pm

Yoga Works Mill Valley


Ecology that takes a broader holistic view “provides a new vision of the earth as a system of interconnected relationships… a view of human society as part of a web of life within the ecosystem…. [Individuals] concerned with environmental ethics have searched for the personal and spiritual elements of ecology that have been missing in scientific ecology.”  

                                                                                             —Fikret Berkes, Sacred Ecology


Learn about ecological systems theory, deep ecology, permaculture principles, engaged Buddhism, "eco-dharma" and "sacred ecology"—and the many concepts they share with Yogic, Taoist ,  Buddhist and indigenous  philosophy and practice. This will be an introduction to the growing confluence of science and spirituality in the quest to find solutions to environmental and societal issues of our modern age.


This immersion includes group discussion, meditation, and alignment based yin-yang asana practice that strives to create balance in our microcosm (the physical body ) within the macrocosm (the universe). Asana practice will emphasize safely building heat and core strength in balance with  flexibility ,  within the context of yoga as a transformative tool for calming the nervous system, quieting the mind, grounding into one's higher Self —and cultivating higher individual and collective consciousness , for the benefit of the Earth and all beings.


Anyone interested in a deepening experience of yoga while exploring yoga’s place and potential in our post-modern world is invited to attend. A reading list with reading assignments will be included. A personal seva project will be optional. Qualifies for Continuing Ed Units for yoga teachers certified with Yoga Alliance. 



"To restore our own inner balance

and to harmonize the inner and outer worlds

is the work of yogic science."

                                                                              — Swami Vibhooti Saraswat