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MONDAY MAHA PRACTICE  (mixed level; sliding-scale $20-$35/person/class)

Mondays  |  4-5:45pm

"Maha" in Sanskrit means "great" and refers to yoga practice that includes all four traditional yogic paths that relate to body, heart, intellect and mind and that lead us back to our True Self or moksha (liberation): karma yoga (selfless service), bhakti yoga (devotion), jnana yoga (knowledge or wisdom), and raja yoga (physical and mental control). This luxuriously long yin-yang practice interweaves Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with meditation, pranayama and philosophy for an especially deep and meaningful practice and sangha experience.

BEGINS SEPT. 14, 2020

VINYASA SLOW FLOW (mixed level; sliding-scale $15-$25/person/class)

Wednesdays  |  4:30-5:45pm

A strong but slow moving meditation and well-balanced practice with targeted strength work.

YIN YOGA (all levels; sliding-scale $15-$25/person/class)

Sundays  |  5-6:15pm

A meditative and restorative practice consisting mostly of long, passively held seated and supine poses and use of bolsters/props to calm the nervous system, quiet the mind, safely stretch muscle and connective tissues, and open the meridians that our vital lifeforce energy flows through.




Please sign up by sending your dana/donation:

Venmo: @Christy-Brown-81 (Venmo does not charge fees), or

PayPalchristybrownyoga@gmail.com (select "sending to a friend" to avoid fees)


Please indicate with your donation which class(es) you'd like to attend and include your email address. You'll receive a confirmation/link to join shortly thereafter.



Yoga mat, 2 blocks (if you have them), strap (a belt or sarong also work), 1-3 neatly folded blanket(s), bolster(s) or cushion(s)



I bow to the divine within you,

and I bow to the divine within myself.