Sunday, June 25, 1-4pm

  • Date: 6/25/2023 01:00 PM
  • Location: 650 East Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley, CA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: The Studio


Sundays, May 21 & June 24, 2023



During this afternoon retreat, we’ll begin with a brief “sangha circle” to ground in and introduce ourselves to one another in a safe and supportive setting. 

We will build strength and flexibility in body and mind through "slow flow" vinyasa and yin yoga, a restorative and restful style of yoga involving supported seated and supine poses. This practice will calm the nervous system, quiet the mind and open connective tissues–allowing our subtle life-force energy to flow more freely throughout the body.

Bolsters and blankets will be provided.  Class size limited.  All ages and levels are welcome. 

Meditation + Opening Circle
Slow Flow Vinyasa + Yin Yoga
Closing Circle 

"Christy Brown is a truly gifted teacher whose expansive knowledge of yoga and yogic philosophy inspires students to flourish both on and off the mat. Christy employs patience, instinct and skill in her teaching. She is mindful and attentive, offering individualized instruction to meet students exactly where they are at any given moment. In Christy's classroom I feel safe and cared for. I learn to challenge myself while identifying the subtle messages I receive from my body, breath and intuition. Christy radiates joy and wisdom in her classes, sharing a passion for yoga that is palpable and inspiring."      

–Libby Oberlin


Or, if registering more than one person, please email the studio to register: